Men Over 50 years old and Russian girls

russian girls

If you have ever read dating articles, many of them often speak about (reasonable and realistic expectations). What does it mean having realistic expectations when it comes to dating Russian girls?

When a man over 50 years old decides to find a wife in Russia, he might face some disappointments and finally will think it is not possible to find a life partner because most of Russian girls appear to be interested in men under 55 years of age. It is not so. And if you give it some patience, efforts and time, you will definitely find the right match for you.

If you are looking for a Russian girl, and not just a (trophy) to bring back home, one of the most important problems would be the age of the Russian woman you are looking for. It is very pleasing when a 18-24 years old Russian girl answers your mails, but speaking the truth, you should realize that chances for such a relationship being serious and long-term are minimal. Again, if you are looking for a wife, a woman who can share your life experience and interests, you should consider a woman with 10-15 years difference maximum.

Another issue to think about is your woman’s expectations and her life style preferences. If your girl is a big city person, who is used to social life (museums, concerts, , exhibitions, etc), most likely she will not feel comfortable living on a farm. That is why it is very important to learn about each other’s plans, likes and dislikes, interests and priorities.

Russian girls’ value financial security and stability, just like we all do. But it does not mean that you can buy a Russian woman with your big house, car, etc. When talking to a Russian girl, you should mention not only material things you can offer, but what is really important, the features of your character and personality that make you really attractive to her as a potential husband. Show her you can be caring and romantic, you will respect her, you know what it takes to build a happy family, you are able to appreciate what your future wife can offer.

You do not need to be a professional writer to get a Russian woman’s attention. Just be yourself. Being positive, honest, sincere and open minded is the perfect base for any kind of relationship.