30 facts about Icelandic women and their approach to
men, dating and marriage

icelandic women

Iceland can best be described as a floating chunk of ice that is famous for geysers, glaciers, volcanoes, and beautiful blondes of course.

Iceland is an island in the North Atlantic Ocean between Greenland and Norway just south of the Arctic Circle. It has a population of more than 331,000 and covers 63,860 square miles (103,000 square kilometers), of which about 620 are cultivated, 12,400 are used for grazing, 7,500 are covered by glaciers, 1,900 are covered by lakes, and 41,500 are covered by lava, sands, and other wastelands. The Gulf Stream moderates the climate. The capital is Reykjavík.

Throughout the 20th century the feminist movement made steady progress toward gender equality resulting in today one of the most equal societies in the world. A huge victory for women was won in 1980, when Vigdís Finnbogadóttir became the world's first democratically elected woman head of state.

Here are 30 facts about Iceland and Icelandic women:

1- Iceland has a very small population, that everyone knows everyone’. Everyone is also related to everyone.

2- According to a commercial TV network, a third of Iceland’s women’s population belongs to one single, private Facebook group.

3- The Economist recently named Iceland the world’s best place for working women – in comparison the USA, Canada, France, Italy and Germany.

4- Iceland’s population is so low that it is no surprise people think there is such a high concentration of beautiful girls.

5- Iceland is like no other country in the world and it is home to some of the most beautiful blonds in the world.

6- Iceland is called the land of ice and fire and so this matching and comparison could be used for those beautiful Icelandic girls as well.

7- Though a lot of women in Iceland are blonde with green, blue or gray eyes, but many girls do not look like Swedish, Norwegian or Danish women. Icelandic women are different. Some even may look like Latinas , Italian or even Spanish.

8- Women in Iceland are very feminine and take good care of themselves. These women have hot blooded Viking genes which makes them very hot and passionate.

9- Iceland is probably the only place in the world where alcoholism actually gives you a competitive plus when it comes to courtship with a woman.

10- Icelandic girls are incredibly easy once drunk and isolated.

11- Icelandic women are not xenophobic what so ever.

12- An Icelandic woman see no sense to fight for her right, because she has enough already.

13- Icelandic girls are not known to be shallow or superficial. All girls there are attracted to money, but a kind hard working man will always be more popular.

14- In most countries women will get turned off when a man says he is only visiting their country for a short while. But this is not a case in Iceland. Since women there value privacy in cities where they run into former lovers on a weekly basis, they will definitely be thrilled, excited and interested to hear that a man is going to leave soon. However keep in mind Icelandic women don’t throw themselves on foreign men.

15- Finding an Icelandic woman is easier than ever with the invention of the internet as well as dating sites, marriage and matchmaking services, but remember you still need to do some work in order to find the great woman for you.

16- If you are looking to settle down at a rapid pace, you will be very upset and disappointed because these ladies like to take their time.

17- There is nothing much to do in Iceland. Besides fishing and fucking, there really isn’t much more to fill ones days with. Of course Icelandic women enjoy surfing the internet and listening to music, but having sex is the main way to keep themselves busy.

18- Iceland could be one of the few places in the world where you can end up having sex without knowing the name of the woman.

19- Icelandic women only like having sex while on the verge of being drunk. This can often lend to unsatisfying sexual experiences for men.

20- Most Icelandic women marry at a later age. Usual have children before settling down with a man. Icelandic women are hard workers and manage to take care of a career and a family at the same time with ease. About 85% of Icelandic women work outside home. They don’t believe in any kind of physical abuse are good caregivers and.

21- If truth to be told Icelandic men aren’t the best at hitting on women and barely ever give women compliments.

22- Icelandic women can be attracted to different types of men as long as they employ certain degree of intelligence and strong work ethics.

23- Men looking for a traditional woman (like Russian and Ukrainian) will hardly find that in Iceland.

24- The reason why it is so hard to have conversations with an Icelandic woman is that you will be interrupted every other minute, since she actually knows half the men and women there.

25- If you ask an an Icelandic woman if they she ever met Björk, she probably answer that a friend, sister or brother was in her class or that she is their cousin or their best friend is her son. Almost everyone in Iceland has met the president or the former president or the first lady.

26- There is a relative lack of formal marriage, and out-of-wedlock births (15 to 40 percent) have never been stigmatized. Women frequently have a child before they marry. Moreover marriage there is not institutionalized like in China and India. Couples fall in love, live together, have children, then may decide to get married or not.

27- Widely known girls in Iceland prefer obedient and submissive men, but if you are not one of them, don’t be disappointed, just be yourself as every rule has exceptions, and definitely, not all Icelandic women like to be dominative.

28- Dating Icelandic is fun and they are not known to be gold diggers or scammers.

29- Icelandic girls can go topless just about anywhere.

30- Icelandic woman are a real joy to be around. They are very laid back, easygoing and their manners are definitely more casual than other American, European, Canadian and Australian women.

After publishing this page we received two emails; here are quotes from them:

- One Icelandic woman told me, “Everyone thinks we are whores, but that is a misunderstanding. There are consequences to sleeping around.” While I disagree with that statement and believe that the women are indeed hardcore sluts, there are almost no consequences for them to sleep with someone who is going to leave their city soon, which is why we make it clear we are not staying for long. These women want one-and-out fucks, not potential long-term relationships. At first I was somewhat offended at this, as I think I am a good catch, but when I realized how little (work) I had to put in to get laid, I quickly got used to it.

- Pretty much every negative quality you can think of, American girls embody it fake personalities, selfishness, anger, immaturity, arrogance and narcissism. In brief, American girls are a real pain in the ass to be around. This is just one of the reasons why I chose to cut all contact and friendship with American girls and only maintain friendship with non-American girls. Icelandic and Russian women, on the other hand, are pleasant ladies to be around. They don’t have the massive chip on their shoulders like American girls do, and are genuine, down to earth and humble.