European and American men: How Ukrainian and Russian women see them

ukrainian women

Men from South America, The USA and Europe are very different from Russian men. When Ukrainian and Russian women come let’s say to New York, London, or Mexico, many things seem new and very different. Please find below impressions that some women shared about men and people in general outside Russia and Ukraine:

- One of the major differences between men from Russia and the USA is that American men are more friendly, cheerful and smiling. Unlike in Ukraine or Russia, it is very common thing to make eye contact and smile with someone you meet in the West, when you are on a street or in a restaurant. People from Europe or the USA may not even like you, but they still do it out of politeness and good manners, while in Ukraine and Russia you can often see what people feel about you by looking at their faces. For some Russian women who come to the USA this cheerful and smiling environment seems unreal and fake. But for many women, it helps relieve the pressure and stress of blending into the new culture and make communication more enjoyable.

- Many Russian and Ukrainian women that come to the West and South America see that making friends is much harder than making friends in Ukraine or Russia. Even thought people in the West are welcoming and friendly in general, but they are not always ready to open up to new people in their lives and share with them their personal life. It is easy to talk about such topics as weather, hobbies and music with people from Europe or America. However when it comes to talking about personal stuff, religious and life problems, Europeans do not share them that easily. In some cases it is also due to their wish not to offend or bother anyone. In Ukraine and Russia, however, sometimes two absolute strangers can talk about their personal life, share intimate details and laugh with each other during their flight or train trip.

- Most European, Australian and Canadian people are very tolerant to and understanding about different cultures, foreigners, races, personal views and life styles. While many people can disapprove their government. National and religious discrimination is under control and is not tolerated. In Ukraine and Russia there is much more discrimination to sexual minorities, foreign employees and people of different religions. That is why women who move to Europe, Canada or the USA feel that being different from others or a minority is not anything to be afraid of.

- In Europe and the USA people do not mix their personal relationships and business. Men's attitude towards females at work in general is more polite and respectful. In addition, very strong laws against sexual harassment at work make it nearly impossible for any man to start a love-affair with a girl n at work. Despite the fact that they do have such laws in Ukraine, Belarus and Russia as well, the legal structure does not always protect Russian women at work as much as necessary for her to feel really safe.

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I am a normal man, that enjoy with the simple things. I am a person that I have a strong admiration for women, history and culture from Russia, this is the reason why I want to explore the opportunity to start and build a beautiful family with a woman from Russia. I think I am at the best moment if I want to start my family.