Giving Flowers to a Russian woman

flowers to russian woman

Any Russian woman loves flowers. Though, some woman may pay a lot of attention to the selection of flowers you make. Russian women consider that the way you treat flowers is how you are going to treat your wife. Presenting flowers should be an enjoyable experience, likewise receiving them, since a bouquet of flowers brings some extraordinary fascination with them, and such moments stay in memory for a very long time. Therefore, here are some don’ts that will aid you avoid making gaffes and mistakes while giving flowers to a Russian woman.

Don’t give her a dozen of red roses (an even number)

In fact there is nothing wrong with the roses. The issue is about the number. In Belarus, Ukraine and Russia they always give an odd number of flowers. Giving an even number is a very bad signal, as they also place only an even number of flowers on graves. So unless your lady knows that in foreign countries they give flowers in dozens, you risk upsetting her.

Don’t give her 13 flowers

Although it’s an odd number, but it is also an unlucky number and as you can guess not only in Ukraine and Russia. So, make sure that your bunch of flowers is an odd number other than 13.

Don’t give Russian women carnations

Red carnations are a symbol of war. In Russia (also in Ukraine and Belarus) people bring these flowers to graves of their relatives and friends who died in a war to memorialize them. That is why giving a bouquet of carnations (particularly red ones) to a Russian woman is improper.

Don’t buy her yellow flowers

Yellow flowers are a symbol of deceit or parting in Belarus, Ukraine and Russia.

Don’t buy old flowers

Always buy fresh flowers as in Russia they believe that if the man who gives a bunch of flowers doesn’t have sincere and true feelings for the lady, the flowers will not last long. So when buying flowers look closely at the leaf structure, if the flower leaves lacking water and look rumpled on the edges, then the flowers are not fresh.

Certainly, these are all superstitions and they may look rather funny and even silly. But they may be helpful for you if you care about the impression you have on your woman. Even if she doesn’t believe in any superstitions, she may have relatives and friends who may drop an inaccurate or careless word and upset your woman pointing out some facts.

But remember, it’s not only the selection of flowers that matters. The things your Russian woman will possibly pay even more consideration to is how you present her the flowers and what words you say. The process of giving flowers should be something to think over beforehand.


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I can happily report that after more than 4 great years of marriage to a very beautiful woman I met on the Internet from Russia, and two fantastic bilingual children, I am a happy man.