First date with a Ukrainian girl

ukrainian girl

So you are in Ukraine and are about to go to your first date with your Ukrainian girl. If you are nervous we recommend you to meditate for a few minutes and take deep breathes to relax. then listen to your favorite music while your getting ready. To pump you up and make you feel sexy, wear something that you know looks good on you and that makes you feel hot. Also use your favorite perfume.

During your first dating, just be yourself and act the same way you would normally act meeting a girl in your own country.

Ukrainian girls like their men to have confidence. Many of them have a healthy self-confidence and don't want to waste their time trying to tell their man how great they are. When you meet the girl, you should already be confident in who you are and what you do. Now, it's matter of letting her know you're a confident man. Here's how:

- First of all don't be afraid, its only a date.

- Show that you're confident in your appearance. To show a Ukrainian girl you care about how you look, wear well-fitting and clean clothes, and take the time to groom yourself by showering and washing your hair. Ukrainian girls may like a little facial scruff, but make sure it looks purposeful, and not like you just forgot to shave.

- Use the body language of a self-assured and confident man. Make eye contact instead of looking at the floor, stand tall instead of slouching, and use your arms to gesture instead of folding them.

- Be optimistic and positive about your life. Tell her how much you love your family, friends, your job, etc. Though there's no need to lie if you are not much happy with all aspects of your life, but you should focus on talking about the things you love and leave the rest for later. This will make the girl see that you love who you are and she will be more likely to love you, too.

- Make sure that you have enough money. (Trust us its a life saver to have extra cash.)

- Tell her a funny story that makes you the hapless protagonist. Don't take it too far and make yourself look powerless, though.

- Make witty observations about the world around you. Mention something about the difference between Ukraine and your country, for instance.

- Learn not to take things literally. Ukrainian girls love saying the opposite of what they mean (irony), and you should be able to recognize when your girl's tone is not sincere. If you don't catch on, you may look simple.

- Mention how much you love the elders in your family. If you tell her how much you love your grandmother, and how you call her every single day, your Ukrainian girl will be brought to tears.

- If you have a dog or a cat, talk about how much you love them in a non-embarrassing way. Show her photos if she is interested.

Here are a couple of red flags to watch out for on your first date with a Ukrainian girl:

- A girl wants you to buy her something costly.

- A girl wants you to help her with money so she can pay for a surgery of one of her close relatives.

- A girl meets you only for a couple of minutes during your first date.

All above mentioned are not good signs and you should rethink your relationship.

Avoid asking a Ukrainian girl the following on your first date:

- How much do you weigh?
- What’s your bra size?
- How much money do you make?
- Your friend is pretty hot isn’t she?