4 Rules to help you find the perfect Russian wife

russian wife

It is not easy to find a good woman from Russia who will be your future wife. Fake dating sites, scam artists, etc etc etc … So what to do? How to find the perfect Russian woman for marriage?

Below are 4 essential rules that might help you find a good Russian wife:

1- Make a reasonable wish listing

Build up a Russian dating plan before you start. Be realistic and specific with the requirements you need in a future wife. The desire list should be possible in a (standard) online dating. For instance, if you want a woman in a exact career, be specific on that.

In your list, you must state that the woman should be nurse, engineer, music teacher, etc. Never just say that the woman should be employed. If your kids are to be raised up with their mother, indicate that the woman have to quit her work to raise the kids first. This will make it easier to get a future wife that you are well-matched with. You must also mention where you intend to live after marriage.

Some Russian girls prefer stay in Russia, while others are ready to relocate and migrate to other countries after marriage. So be specific and at the same time realistic. Also remember seeking women with characteristics of super models is nothing but a total waste of time.

2- Find a reliable Russian dating site

Using honest and real Russian dating sites is very important. Select a few trustworthy marriage agencies/sites to use. Also doing some investigation on any dating site before using it, will assist you from concentrating on fake Russian dating sites. Some Russian women ads on dating sites are fake and fraudulent. This is why having quite a few options is recommended.

In a perfect world, a man would join a Russian dating site and find the woman of his dreams easily and quickly. But in real world, men must search hard and spend a large amount of time on the Internet to be able to find a woman with whom they want to spend the rest of their lives

3- Be selective

It is not hard at all to fall for the wrong woman, based on her gorgeousness. A man should put in mind that if he is looking for a serious relationship and marriage, a lot of issues should be considered. Rushing into expressing you feelings to a woman, before knowing her better, is defiantly a big mistake. So never just select any Russian woman on a dating site, and ask for a resinous relationship.

4- Learn dealing with rejection

Remember anger is no solution. It is normal for the men to be rejected by the Russian women. So posting negative comments about Russian girls will not increase your chances in finding a Russian wife.

Men must learn to be calm and accept that negative responses from women could happen. Remember Russian women are not for sale and just because you liked a woman does not means that she will fell interested in you. Remember Russian women also have their list of expectations.

Some men don't really understand what the purpose of a dating agency is. They expect these services to function as a shop that is guarantee the quality of the goods. The truth is that a marriage agency or a dating site is neither sell Russian women nor can guarantee results.

Finally, some men give up when they fail to find a suitable Russian woman as quickly and as easily as they anticipated. This is a very big mistake. They say that (nothing worth having comes easy) and what is worth more than true love, loving wife and happy marriage?

Comments from the web:

- Why are there so many websites to "get" Russian wives? Why do they want to leave their country so bad. I am having a hard time finding any websites on WHY they do it and about Russian women.... can anyone.

- Question: Do you have a Russian wife? Are Russian women more caring, family orientated than women from other countries? Are they really good wives?

- Answer: Yes, They are the best wives because they are loyal to their husbands, don't leave their husbands in bad time, work hard and love to take care of their partners.

- Question: How much does it cost to keep a Russian or Ukrainian wife? I plan on finding a good wife from Eastern Europe and was wondering when I bring her back to a western country such as Australia or America how much money will she expect me to send back to her family each month.

- Answer 1: Lol The way things are going it might be her family who send money to help support you!!!. Don't assume all eastern europeans are poor.

- Answer 2: really, that sounds offensive! like How much does it cost to keep a russian or ukrainian dog? and after such men all the world think that Russians are.