Typical dating mistakes

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A few men are capable of joining Russian marriage services and build up serious relationships with women easily and quickly. Some are not so successful. Obviously luck might be involved but men who have found their soul mates on dating sites are often successful because they shunned making below mistakes.

Carrying out a search that is very extensive

Thousands of Russian, Ukrainian and Belarus women on matchmaking/dating sites making men want to contact as many girls as possible. But usually men who try contacting and email exchange with too many women at the same time are generally not able to develop purposeful relationships because simply they don’t have sufficient time to get to know particular ladies who suit them more. Our advise is if you want find a life partner and marry a lady from a Russian dating service, you should narrow the number of women you are communicating with. Of course at the first period you can try contact as many women as you wish but them you should concentrate on particular ladies who suit you more.

One straightforward way a man can narrow his search is to make a short list of type and characters of a Russian woman he is looking for, next only contact to woman who meet these benchmarks. A man must clearly imagine his dream Russian wife and spot traits and qualities that come to his mind like how old is she? what is her education? should she be single or if she is divorced is also fine? what are her hobbies? is she blond or brunette? what is her personality? etc etc etc. All this will give a man a starting point for his search and courting girls who meet all of his criteria.

Moreover, some woman inform us that they are worry about hurting men's feelings that they are not interested in, but we tell them that most men understand that a lady cannot respond positively to everyone who contact them and we ask them to send these men short and polite negative messages in order not to waste their time.

Running a search that is very limited

Being too picky can put off a man from finding his future Russian bride simply as easily as contacting too many ladies can. It’s essential for you to remember that just a few women in Ukraine, Belarus, Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia and Russia are going to have all the characteristic and traits they wish. For example if you are looking for a girl in her late 20s, and you came across a very beautiful and sexy 34 years old woman that meets most of your desired qualities, so should you avoid contacting her? Of course you should NOT. Remember some flexibility is very important. It would definitely be a shame for you to let this woman get away only because she is a couple of years older.

What is also very important is that you should also not focus too much on women's look. We know from our clients that most if not all want beautiful, sexy, long legged and very hot Russian wife. But please keep in mind if gorgeous look is all a woman has to offer, then do you imagine is a life long relationship and marriage is really possible? We do not mean that sexy and beautiful Russian and Ukrainian girls have nothing to offer other than their amazing appearances, we just want you not try build a serious relationship with a lady only on her looks.

Not devoting sufficient time and effort

If you are having a hard time finding your unique woman on the Internet, it may just be because you are not assigning enough effort or time for this. If you are really serious about finding a future Russian or Ukrainian wife on an online marriage/dating agency or site then you should make this target a top priority. Remember that finding a Russian or Ukrainian wife is time, effort, emotions and stress consuming process. If you decided to sign up with us, then first what you should do is search our women's profiles pages, find some women who you think will suit you most and start then contacting them. Remember the more time you spend searching, the more likely you will find her. Unfortunately some of our men members give up when they fail to find a woman of their dreams as easily and as quickly as they supposed. We always tell those men that this is a big mistake.