Tips on how to date and how to approach Russian women

russian women

Russian women are ideal combination of patience, femininity and respect. While many European and American women are involved with careers, Russian women are still very family oriented and devoted to their husbands. For this reason, many men feel as if a Russian wife is the answer to their relationship concerns.

Finding the best approach towards a Russian woman is more important than you think. The problem is the first impression you make, the way you ask a Russian woman out, and the way you introduce and represent yourself in the course of the initial period of your acquaintance are underestimated yet form the basis for development of your relationship.

If you are looking for marriage and you are not happy with the women you are used to dating in your country, a Russian girl may be the answer for you. Men are looking for a wife who has the taste and style of today’s girls with the womanly, feminine ways and respect of days long ago. Most Russian girls are exactly like that. They are respectful, family oriented, beautiful and feminine.

As most of the possibilities to meet a Russian woman are mostly linked to Russian dating and marriage services, we are going to begin with describing how to correctly approach a Russian woman online. We are also going to talk about face to face and personal meetings.

Russian women are brought up in a quite religious environment. Moreover, most are educated and clever. You should keep these facts in mind when you are approaching a Russian woman online. Be respectful and don not shower her with emails. Wait for her answers first. You need to know each other better to talk about intimate topics (We don’ mentioning sexual topics as it is a total turnoff for Russian women). Call her by name, it helps build the sentimental and emotional bond. You should also be chivalrous, check your grammar to sound cultured, focus on interesting subjects instead of discussing for example weather. Ukrainians are not really into boring and boring topics.

Most Russian dating sites request you to indicate your relationship goal and purpose on your profile and exactly what you look for. If not, you should tell your real intentions. Most Russian women are marriage-minded and family-oriented. You may have completely different aims. As a result, you will waste a lot of time building emotional correlation while you just do not fit each other. As well, Russian women want to understand what you are up to.

If you are planning dating a Russian woman, it is very important to know how much she appreciates and values family. Most Russian women are very close with their families (especially their mothers) and family is their top priority. Possibilities are your Russian woman will want to start a family, so make sure you are prepared for a serious relationship. Also, she will want you to get along with her family and she will value yours.

Russian women are very respectful of their men. They believe that the husband should be the head of the house and deal with the important decisions. While they will respect their husbands completely, you should appreciate her completely.

Even if English language is taught in most Russian schools, not all the women are keen on it. So until after she learn it well you will have some issues regarding communicating and understanding each other well.

Russia hasn’t been that much affected by the Western culture and in some way managed to maintain ethnic self-identification. It’s a very interesting and deep culture with more than a thousand year of development. Russian women love to talk about their culture. Your interest may very nicely affect their feelings and it will be a lot easier to start a warm and emotional bond. Russia a very beautiful and interesting country and you will learn a great deal by just asking your woman and will definitely kill two birds with one stone.

Finally, prior to dating a Russian woman, be sure that you are financially stable and able to take care of her and your future children. Russian women are very family-oriented and if she cares for you, she will almost certainly want to have a family with you. Being financially in a good situation doesn’t mean that you must be rich or a millionaire, but you should be financially stable and secured.

Comments from the web:

- With confidence. Don't stutter, don't say anything negative at all. I found most of the time that Russian women don't like a grizzly bear, they like a teddy bear. Be sweet, and quick to her feelings and emotions.

- Staring at Russian women eyes instead of their breasts and butt would be step number one according to my Russian fiancée.

- When you get up in the morning look at yourself and tell yourself one thing you like about yourself. Think about that all day when you question yourself. Eventually you’ll be confident in yourself and you'll have no problem approaching women because hey, if you get her gain, if you don't her loss.

- To approach to a Russian woman you should be a man who has great self confidence; you should be convinced when giving your opinions; you should not be nervous ; Russian woman completely loves man who has a very confident personality, when approaching her do not be nervous and you will see the result.