Basic Dating Tips - Russian girls

russian girls

If you have decided to chance your luck with Russian girls, congratulations, they are worth the effort involved. Equally it might be helpful to you to understand where these girls are coming from. They are a little different (we will explain below how and why) and being aware of, or better still understanding these differences can save much misunderstanding. There are many really beautiful Russian girls:- Go get yours.....

Russian girls are different and knowing these differences can considerably increase your chances of success. Why are they different and what are the differences? Because Russia was closed to the rest of the world until relatively recently, these girls have grown up and developed within systems devoid of foreign influences and this is very noticeable and in many ways attractive.

Here are some of the more notable differences.

- Seeking the best education possible is for a Russian girl is the first priority. The education systems available are very good by world standard.

- It is fair to say that in general moral and family values are higher in Russia than in other countries. The development of equality for girls in Russia seems to have followed a different route, a different path and so many of these girls are proudly feminine. They share no inhibitions in dressing, grooming and presenting themselves so as to highlight their feminism, sensuality and beauty.

- Having achieved their University degree, or often during this period, thoughts of marriage and starting a family begin to arise.

- Once a Russian girl has settled and established herself in her new life, her new culture and lifestyle, she will quite likely want to contribute in every way to her new life, her new family. No, you will find that many would actually prefer to in some way utilize their contribute and intelligence within their family.

- Actually these girls are not wealthy, but equally, they are by nature very generous. The willingness to share that which undoubtedly has required much effort and time to acquire is very attractive. No it is fair to say that for most acquiring material possessions is not a major part of their agenda. Again this is in general not true. Although equally they will seek a husband that is financially secure. It is fair to say they list priority of values as: Honesty, compassion, and generosity (of heart), a responsible and serious attitude, a sense of humor and a passion for life.

So how can this information help you in finding your Russian wife?

1. Exchange ideas, engage her intellect, you will quite possibly be surprised that your Russian girls’ viewpoint will be very different, valid and refreshingly interesting. As confidence and trust develops, encourage her to tell her hopes and dreams, discover her values and what she really believes to be important for her.

2. Congratulate her on her beauty, but do not dwell excessively upon this aspect solely. Russian girls know they are beautiful and in general seek a husband that will love them for what they are and who they are, not simply for their beauty or body.

3. Would you be happy for her to either continue her career in your country, or find a new way of using her intelligence in finding a new job? Establish from her how she would like her future life to be and then work together in achieving these goals.

4. Be sensitive, if you have a huge house, car, or income let her discover it herself naturally. For the majority of these girls an open, caring, kind and generous heart is way more important than your material status. Remember that whilst these ladies are not wealthy they are very rich in many deeper and very admirable and attractive qualities.

There are many beautiful and clever Russian girls really looking for love and a serious relationship and with some luck, patience and respect you can find your perfect wife.

Comments from the web:

- The majority of Russian girls is not so keen to leave Russia. Quite a few people in the West believe that the only reason why Russian girls date foreigners is to leave Russia. But in fact, that is not the way how things are. This might be a myth that was created by the media.