Appropriate visual contact to conquer women

eye contact with women

When you meet a woman, eye contact is one of the big signs that tells you if you're really safe, and if you really are a man they want to meet. A strong visual contact assures the woman that you feel comfortable with yourself and are not afraid of her; That seductive look can be incredibly attractive to women and help build the attraction between you.

Looking her in the eye

Not being able to hold the gaze towards a woman is a big problem for many men, since it makes them look weak and shy. The normal reaction of a person is to look away immediately when there is eye contact with a stranger of the opposite sex who is attractive.

It is normal for him to feel embarrassed and not want her to know that he finds her attractive. However, this is exactly what you should be doing, since being able to keep that look in spite of shame is a supreme sign of confidence. If you analyze it, you do not have to feel ashamed that she knows that you find her attractive and above all that she does not feel intimidated by her sexuality.
The problem with learning to have good eye contact is that the habit of looking the other way can be difficult to break. The moment you make eye contact you automatically look for another point of view before you have time to think about what you are doing. Your bodily reaction acts much faster than your conscious decision, therefore, by the time you have decided that you want to hold your gaze towards a woman it is often too late.

How to maintain eye contact?

The solution to this is simple. Set up reminders to practice your eye contact at specific times during the day. This way you are willing to hold someone's gaze before it happens.

At first, you should try to extend the duration a little longer than you normally would; As you have more experience, the duration may increase. It is best to try this is very crowded places, for example, public transport, bars, shops. This can also be done with other men, since having good eye contact with all people is of great benefit.

A word of warning: some people may consider a very prolonged look as a sign of aggression. For that reason, once you have made the initial eye contact, it is advisable to look away for a moment.

If you develop this skill you will see a dramatic effect on how women perceive it. He is much less likely to be seen as a friend and will see him as a potential partner.

Eye contact as a means of communication

Finally, eye contact can be a great way to assess interest; If a woman's gaze is captured and held, then there is a good sign that she is interested (keep in mind that this is not a definitive sign, and the fact that she is interested in you does not mean that she wants to go to bed Not only this, but using strong visual contact can arouse interest and attraction, and that is why it is the first step to conquer any woman.

So start practicing your contact with the eyes of women and you can improve the chances of seducing a woman.

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