A Ukrainian wedding

A Ukrainian wedding is a truly amazing occasion. There is a well known song in Ukraine, which has the following lines: (Nowadays we know our traditions not so well .. But there is nothing to compare to a real Ukrainian wedding ..There is nothing so beautiful)

Traditional weddings in Ukraine

The words to the song may point to traditions not being kept, but in fact Ukrainian people cling very strongly to their traditions, particularly in post Soviet times. With a wedding, this is certainly the case.

In olden days, when match-making was a common way of being married, a man would send his trusted representatives to the home of a potential bride. The representatives, known as would approach the parents of the girl and mention all of the good qualities of the groom (his wealth, house, etc). If the girl's parents were interested, the girl was then brought out to meet the representative so that they could get an idea of her to take back to the groom.

The Wedding day

The best time of year for a Ukrainian wedding is autumn. This is because it was usually a time when the hard work of spring and summer had been done, and the harvest provided a full supply for a long winter ahead.

The wedding dress should be white. It certainly should not be blue (in Ukraine, this is a sign that the marriage will be a cold one), nor pink (the marriage will not last long). The bride should not make the dress herself, nor should her mother.

The wedding takes place with a formal ceremony, and unlike traditional Western weddings, there are no bridesmaids or groomsmen. Instead, witnesses' represent the bride and groom. In Ukraine, the wedding must always be officially registered with a civil ceremony. If a couple choose for a church wedding as well, the civil ceremony will usually take place right away after the wedding, or often in the days leading up to it.

Wedding celebrations

The Wedding celebrations in general last for two to three days. In olden times, it was traditional for the bride to wear a dress she had made herself, on the second day of the wedding celebration. This was to show her skills as a good, domesticated wife. Thankfully, nowadays, a wife is seen for more than just her ability to clean, cook and sew. But many Ukrainian girls still take great pride in their skills in these areas.

The celebrations are a incredibly amusing time, with lots and lots of food, vodka, dancing, and singing. If you have not yet been lucky enough to attend a Ukrainian wedding, then surely you don't know just how much fun they really are.