About Us

Our dating and marriage agency specializing in the introduction of women from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Estonia and other countries to men from all over the world. Our agency was established in 2001 and went online in 2003. Over the years, we have helped hundreds of couples to unite.

We are committed to providing help, support and the very best professional service to our members. Our experience and ability ensure that we are very aware of our clients' (men and women) needs and requirements. Each employee of our agency does his/her own job, but we work as a united team.

Our team

Tallinn main office / Estonia

Linda Vesik / Office manager

Natalia Kiryanova / Customer service manager

Margareeta Pihlak / Customer service assistant

Juhan Keskküla / Webmaster

Andrus Orav / Translator

Kaisa Laurits / Accounting dept manager
Evgeniya Nikitina / Photographer

Moscow office / Russia

Svetlana Damaskina / Office manager

Anna Khozheva / Customer service manager

Natalya Zhernova / Photographer

Saint Petersburg office / Russia

Daria Fokeeva / Representative

Victor Semenikhin / Photographer

Nizhny Novgorod office / Russia

Irina Grishelenok / Representative

Kira Ryzhenkova / Customer service

Novosibirsk office / Russia

Olga Murunova / Representative

Kadisha Larina / Photographer

Kazan office / Russia

Alexander Antipiev / Representative

Denis Viktorovich / Photographer

Rostov-on-Don office / Russia

Elena Sitnikova / Representative

Tatiana Lysikova / Customer service

Vladivostok office / Russia

Svetlana Bolgova / Representative

Samara office / Russia

Igor Godanov / Representative

Kyiv office / Ukraine

Ekaterina Yurchenko / Office manager

Svetlana Zhelezniak / Customer service

Danilo Pysarenko / Photographer

Lviv office / Ukraine

Tatiana Palamarchuck / Representative

Kharkiv office / Ukraine

Nazar Melnik / Representative

Vitally Starostyuk / Photographer

Dnipro office / Ukraine

Inna Serbinenko / Representative

Odessa office / Ukraine

Marina Androsenko / Representative

Alina Bazilevich / Photographer

Kherson office / Ukraine

Lyudmila Ponomar / Representative

Minsk office / Belarus

Yana Zmushko / Office manager

Christina Zhdanok / Customer service

Zakhar Matusevitch / Photographer

Gomel office / Belarus

Vasilina Golovchits / Representative

Vitebsk office / Belarus

Maria Dubrovskaya / Representative

Adam Yanochkin / Photographer

Istanbul office / Turkey

Birgul Sayitoglu / Representative


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